A conference may have various objectives like dispensing information, promoting products or discussing industry trends. However the most important priority of a conference is communication. iDreams offers its clients the complete gamut of conference management services that will help communicate the conference objective effectively to the delegates. The communication will be delivered via event positioning, branding, design, speaker selection and superior AV & Technical elements.

Product Launch

Ideally a product launch should puncture the existing haze of products and fight for market share. The iDreams team will develop creative marketing and event ideas that will fuel and sustain the success of the product launch. Our motto in any product launch is to 'get the right people talking' about the product or service. Whether your objective is media coverage, consumer awareness, sales or product distribution we at iDreams will help you organise that perfect launch event in a unique and memorable way.

Award Shows

An Employee Award function is meant to boost the winners and motivate the non-winners. The iDreams team will liaison with your internal team and understand the layers or categories of awards. We will then design a theme around it complete with memento's, certificates and souveniers. Our main objective will be to give the winner a night of great memories.