Fashion Events

New Year parties are fast becoming one of the most awaited party of the year. With the crowd getting more and more 'party-educated' it is important to up the ante with each passing year. Guests pay big bucks to attend the event and expect it to live up to its promise. iDreams helps you deliver on all those promises and expectations.


Budget & Vendor Bookings

Both these services go hand in hand, as the earlier you plan, the better chance you have at negotiating and booking the best vendors. iDreams has tie-ups with several vendors ensuring that you get some of the best deals in town. By advance booking the vendors we help you arrive at the best competitive budget. This process is ideally done atleast 2-3 months in advance.

Artist Bookings

A good and noteworthy artist is sometimes booked upto 5-6 months in advance. iDreams scouts for the best artists for your event and your budget. We help you negotiate terms and costs with the artist. We also brief the artist and ensure that all their requests (technical or otherwise) are met well in advance. Depending on the theme and audience profile we suggest the right fit of DJ's, emcee's, dancers, vocalists and special act artists.


Themes are fast becoming the norm of new year events. Guests wish to be transported to different areas or era's for the event. The iDreams design team works towards making your theme party one of the most talked about event in town by suggesting some of the newest and wackiest ideas ever.


Depending on the theme or the audience profile iDreams suggests creative set designs and ambient props. Most venues are packed to the hilt on new year eve parties and so we design vertical elements that stays out of the way, yet has maximum design impact.

Promotional Material

Every new year event needs excellent promotion to woo the best party goers. The iDreams design team conceptualizes the best designs for your promotional material like posters, mailers, hoardings etc.


iDreams assists you in securing sponsorship for your event by campaigning for you with its known contacts and regular sponsors. We also provide you with material such us presentations, layouts and sponsorship benefits to aid you with your sponsors. Our services also include sponsorship management wherein we make sure we deliver on all the sponsorship deliverables pre-event and during the event.


iDreams plans the entire event flow with the performing artist and emcee and if needed a script writer. Our backstage and technical team run vigorous rehearsals to smoothen any wrinkles. During the main event our experience lends itself to sudden inevitable changes with the flow. We incorporate any changes whilst still maintaining pace with the changing needs and moods of the audience. It is a precarious balance but that which is managed by our experienced team with ease.